Spring Mattresses and Viscoelastic Mattresses

Spring Mattresses

There are two basic configurations: continuous wire and individual springs (which in turn have multiple variants).

The continuous wire consists of a zigzag or double spiral wire. The system provides a good support, however, it does not isolate the movements of the person with whom it sleeps and, if they are of poor quality, it is prone to suffer deformations.

In the case of individually packed springs, these are interconnected by means of wires. If the connections are scarce, the sleepjunkie.net could become deformed with use. The ends of the springs are attached to the insulation and on this is the upholstery. This spring technology provides a very durable, stable base and independently of beds that, in combination with other technologies that we will see below and that counteracts the firmness and innate rigidity of the springs, are probably the best solution in terms of breathability and durability.

According to the reinforcement of the springs, it offers different degrees of firmness. The areas that are more deformed over time are those that support more pressure, this is hip, shoulders, head and feet. It is good that they are reinforced to prolong durability.

In short: spring mattresses provide elasticity, cushioning and transpiration, which are fundamental factors for a good rest.

Viscoelastic Mattresses

The viscoelastic material was developed by NASA with unique and innovative properties to relieve body pressure. It was in the early 90’s when it was incorporated into domestic use.

It is a material developed from organic macromolecules with excellent properties for rest, such as adaptability and firmness. The viscoelastic foam mattresses are composed of several parts of variable density, depending on the desired firmness.

This foam is a synthetic material that adapts ergonomically to the body, eliminating any point of pressure; reacts to body temperature maintaining the natural position of our back, providing adequate support of the spine and reducing and relieving pressure points. It also facilitates muscle relaxation and increases blood circulation by eliminating the pressure of the mattress on the body, which allows staying for longer in the same resting position, thus favoring our sleep. Its open cellular structure guarantees an aeration creating a microclimate that guarantees optimal ventilation that avoids the accumulation of heat, being its maintenance minimal.

However, it is highly recommended to inquire about the density level of the mattress in question (it is measured in kg / m3), since a very low density like that of conventional foams will not provide a good adaptation and will feel very rigid.

In short: The viscoelastic mattress copies the shape of the body like a mold. Thanks to this, the pressure is distributed evenly over the entire body, avoiding areas of pressure that hinder circulation. The consequence is that we move less and therefore the dream is more repairing.

As mentioned above, the Spring Mattresses and Viscoelastic Mattresses are very good mattresses. And these are the most popular mattresses. These mattresses also relieve the waist pain, so people do it very much.