Who Else Wants to Know the Mystery Behind Mattress?

The quality of the cushions and mattresses is crucial for the good sleep and health of the spine. This applies to both adults and children, especially as mattresses and pillows affect the proper development of children and their spinal column.

Children need a comfortable and spacious bed in order to have a good rest, power and energy for all the challenges of the day.

We wrote about what a pillow should be for children and whether the babies should sleep on it. You can read more about this here.

The mute is very important because it represents the support and support of the parts of the body that are heavy shoulders and hips. In this part he is most shaped towards us that his legs, arms, and back remain level. When lying, the spine should be shaped in the same way as when we stand.

Good child support

As far as the baby mattress is concerned, it is most important to match the bed or the bed in its size. There must be no empty space between the edge of the bed / bed and the mattress itself. The maximum distance that can be made is up to two fingers, so as not to cause a child, and especially a small baby, to fall or stuck in that area.

The mum should not be tough, but not too soft – to get tired when laying a child, but it should be chosen just to give it good support.

What thickness should be the mattress for the child?

The mattresses for children are thinner than the mattress for adults, because the children are less weight. With the child’s age and weight gain, the thickness of the mattress must be increased. In this sense, mattresses for babies are the thinnest, but they should not be too thin.

A mattress with metal springs does not last long; it is not comfortable, very quickly drops in the part where the greatest load is. Now it is known that there is a harmful negative radiation of metal parts with a small intensity, but to whom we have been exposed for a long period of time. The advantage should be given to new materials that are longer lasting and healthier.

The mute should not be too hard, but not soft enough to put the body in, for in that case the spine will be sparkled. Sleeping on such a mattress can lead to deformity of the spine in developing children. If you notice that the mattress on one side has been relaxed, you can turn it around and uses it for a while and then buys a new one so that the child will have a healthy and quality sleep.

Are mattresses allowed to inherit?

A mum should not be inherited, especially if it is a baby. In the enslaved muds, fungi and other microorganisms are created that can damage the baby. The rule of non-observing mattresses is less valid for larger children, because they are not as sensitive as babies.

If it is necessary for the mattress to be inherited, then it should be taken into account that it is from a well-known family, where it is known exactly who was sleeping on it, how much the mattress is clean, where it was kept in the meantime. The mattress must not be kept in places where it has moisture and must be well-wound into the plastic cover. With regards to the mattress details visit Sleepjunkie.onlineand have all the information.

Each mattress is principally between eight and ten years old, which should be taken into account in inheritance.Like the previous one, it is equipped with a built-in electric pump, so it will save you time and effort. The compressor will fill it with air in only 1-3 minutes. The bed has dimensions – 191 x 101 x 22 cm, so it is completely free to receive two people. At the same time, they will feel comfortable and not interfere with each other. The height of the mattress is 22 cm, which is enough for practical work. When stored, it does not take much space, compactly fold.